Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

the Big Island

the musk and earth and spice and floral scent of the O'hia rises to me
through the forest canopy
the sound of birds  insects  frogs entwine the moment
preserving it to my memory

shades of forest and new greenlay against the red and black earth
far below
the rain falls
bringing the scents into my heart

a reflection
the black plain the rain washed dripping rock
the broken gravel which flew here
to this place
in fire.

we walk the coast
too hot to think
the waves high and real

in the ocean
simply being together
the first act of adulthood
I wish we had sat and watchedthe earth
created breaking created
but we found the eellost, slippery, ready to move on

we are both trying to see the other side
of the blank wall
where the cave was,
and instead we find ourselves merely present