Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Classic Summer Moment- June 2020

Roses are such a classic flower for summer. They immediately make me remember every other summer - particularly as a kid, when I used to actually spend quite a lot time smelling them. Then I look hard at each one and realize they're all lovely and even echo each other, but also unique... probably like us human beings. This one even has a little friend. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

And She Shrugged

It is so out of vogue to recognize the value of property rights, the value of the contract, in starting this nation of ours. I learned it well and appreciate it for a high value to all of our lives.

A gift for a dear friend who made me read a book. Strange how calm I feel looking at my own painting. In some moments I feel like a grain of sand in the wind.

Anyway my friend it's finally done. Only took me three years and a lot of dilly dally as I decided if it was any good. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Fine or not Fine, Ode to the Global Pandemic [and EVERYTHING else] 2020

The year is such a year as to make even me- tired and dreary with work- rekindle my artistic spirit. 

Am I a drunk or artist or athlete or something else? Do I wander through this moment of race riots and the loss of Hong Kong's freedom while drinking a beer looking out a window watching the sun on the leaves of the trees so lucky because my cousin is stuck in her apartment in the dark and I'm afraid of my own shadow and need a mask to cover my face. A man dies and the painting I created is already out of date, but I still love my friends  and I speak out at the horror and mayhaps I'll have another beer. I suggest you drink along with me and welcome to 2020.

You'll never have another like it.