Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Reboot

A bit of a break was necessary. It's strange when you blog for several years- when you have a corner blog that a few people follow... you end up feeling a bit of a slave to it, even though it ought to be something you love. So when my computer started acting 'funny' it was a bit of a relief to not be able to blog.

I will be more measured in my pacing.  And I will write more. I'm starting to miss my art terribly- even though I'm not really set up for it at the moment. The move back to the Pacific Northwest really changed the landscape of my life in many ways- notably, no art space, at least not in the winter. The only space I have right now is a semi-finished garage, which is finally getting warm enough to use. And has boxes everywhere...

I no longer feel the ache in my bones from living in the desert. I am a forest soul, not really able to live well in the desert. I could change my palette from the deep dark greens and purples and blues of forest and mountains to the dusty tans and greys and pale blues of the desert.  But I could not change my soul. I am contented.

I will post something about once a week. That's a pattern that's not too pushy. 

Here's to doing art for it's own sake.  Nothing special. Just what is needed as part of the human condition.