Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cowboy Poetry Jan 29, 2014, Trail's End Radio Show

Oh they debuted a new radio show tonight, The Trail's End Ranch Radio Show. It was great! Really, truly well done. I love our normal poetry and performance, which has a feeling of people speaking to you about life and earth and sky.  This brought it all up a notch, kept the show going with few pauses... each piece crafted.  I am definitely looking forward to more of these.

All of the actors were quite talented- song, voice and word.   Funny sketches, even a bit of cowboy poetry DW Groethe and Jerry Brooks. We don't get as many native American poets through here, so Henry Real Bird was quite a treat. I loved his chanting mixed with his stories. Fred Newman performed, from the Prairie Home Companion. Dang he was a good!  A bit of opera from one of the actors- both were able to switch characters adeptly.

All in all a great evening! Yeah for Cowboy Poetry. Fun things to do around here.


The parched desert reaches out it's arms in joy
 and drinks.

A Bit of Breakfast

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cowboy Poetry Jan. 28, 2014

What a blast tonight. [The pictures are terrible! We were further back, in the dark!] 

Paul Zarzyski
Lead with strong, funny poems & kept us laughing throughout the night.

Gail Steiger
Had really honest songs about the west, and life connected to the land and family. It was moving.

David Wilkie and Denise Withnell
Played really fun country/irish songs. But the special moment was la vie en rose, originally performed by edith piaf..

Grand Opening of the Crooked Cottage Boutique

I previously posted about the Etsy site for Katina Fitch, who sells artwork as well as candles. The candles smell so good, they are all I buy now. I have them everywhere.

She has the grand opening of her boutique, the Crooked Cottage, on Feb 8th from 1-3:30pm, with regular hours starting the 9th. It's located in Canby, Oregon.

I am so proud and happy for her- she has done an amazing job getting the shop together. Katina is a fantastic artist and business woman, and I want her to be successful. So please, if you are in the Portland area- come down and see her shop!

Let's all support small, unique businesses.

She has included some of my photos and artwork at her shop too. I'm really excited and honored to be invited. 


Lamoille Valley Young Bulls

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cowboy Poetry Jan 27, 2014

We had a grand time at the "Home Means Nevada" poetry show tonight.  Sorry the photos are slightly blurry, it was dark. Loved the poet laureate, Waddie Mitchell. We really enjoyed Dame Nevada, the poem for the sesquicentennial.  But he made us laugh, too.

 Waddie Mitchell 

Bimbo Cheney
Made us 'feel' part of ranch life. 

Carolyn Duferrena
Lovely way with words. She lives in the Denio area- I drive through there several times a year, and she somehow makes me want to stop and take a look around.  

Richard Elloyan
Local cowboy songs - the Eureka Opera House was especially fun (remember Paris Prom!) 

Larry Shulte (?)
Amazing yodeling and crooning. Perfect way to end the evening.
"Night in Nevada" 


Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki
To kick the week off.

Early Morning Ranch Life, Ruby Valley

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cowboy Poetry Week 2014

Cowboy Poetry week is starting up, looking forward to listening to word art.  We always have a blast. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a short story

A bit of Anarchy creeping in

At work I'm experiencing some planning and processes that are described best as Orwellian. As a bit of an independent sort of person, I hail from Oregon after all, this is pushing an anarchy button in my brain that is not conducive to me maintaining steady employment.  I am thus actively pushing against my own nature, and contrary to popular opinion, know that this is the right thing to do.

That said, I wish the entire world would realize... it's the economy stupid! One thing a person ought to be able to do easily is, as miners would say, is tramp mine. IE Have the power as an employee to move on to another good job when the strategies and plans of the masters begin to seem like you've fallen into some creepy futuristic story about the hubris of madmen running a large company. 

From an artistic standpoint, I can see the pieces from last weekend have a bit of 'coming apart at the edges' feeling to them.  Art is a good outlet.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A bit of Reflection

It's been an odd start to the year. Like last year... I think I'm going to wait for chinese new year to count it as a new year. Plus, it will be the year of the horse! This is a good thing. 

Snowy Creek

We don't have enough snow around here! We need snow!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Working on Meditation

Spent a bit of time yesterday working on reducing stress. This time, via meditation. Most of it was spent worrying about my comforts (I'm cold, I have to pee, My leg fell asleep, I need a pillow, I have to pee again) but then I did have a couple moments of illumination. And I did get plenty of sleep. It is very difficult, as a person with 'lists' that must be accomplished, to calm down and find peace.

I have a stressful work week ahead, I'm hoping this will allow me to take it in stride.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Not quite enough snow for snowshoeing, but a fabulous day out snowhiking nevertheless. Every time I start to fall of the exercise wagon, or feel too stressed, or too tired to 'go on' I get out into the mountains and rejuvenate. Went with my bro this holiday, and am so glad for it.

This 2014 seems like a good year ahead! It seems like a long series of rough years recently- the old adage 'if it's not one thing, it's another.' Not as bad as being in war zone of course... but just slogging through molasses.  Most of the people in my life have been feeling the same way- perhaps it's just a function of growing up.

Happy New Year!