Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Finding Myself... Back in the Desert

This piece is still being worked on, but getting into a space where it's close to done. 

Another fun trip last year. I love the desert southwest, the vistas and strange colors and desiccated plants. It's a good space for reflection. Because the vege is so sparse, somehow the moments seem more real or intense than in the cacophony of colors and plants in the Pacific NW. A good space to breath ant think. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

A Touch of Fall 2021

Got a bit behind tracking life and things to see and do and just wanted to preserve some of the beautiful places of 2021.

In any event, some images from a well known hike in the Alpine Wilderness from last year.

This next photo was from a side jaunt that ended up being several miles long... but worth every moment.

And the shot that made the whole trip for me- a moment where I remembered a photo from my childhood that spurred me to want to hike and climb mountains... and then (much to my shock) I saw the mountain in real life.